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Download and Install Inspire Desktop Suite
Download Inspire Desktop Client Media Station

The Inspire Desktop Media Station program allows you to update your display network from your laptop or workstation. This software can be installed on a single workstation or laptop computer . This client software allows you to connect to the Inspire Desktop Display software to update schedules, create content and setup your digital signage network . Click here to see the Inspire Desktop Media Station in action on our videos section.


Download Desktop Media Station (Free 30 Day Trial)

Download Inspire Desktop Display

The Inspire Desktop Display program is designed to turn a computer into a desktop digital signage display. This is typically installed on the computer you will use to showcase your public and client facing digital media . This computer and monitor will display the digital media you schedule through the Inspire Desktop Media Station . Your new digital signage display will receive updates from the Inspire Desktop Media Station as the schedules change and new media is created or edited. Click here to see our digital displays in motion on our gallery page.

Download Desktop Display (Free 30 Day Trail)

Download The QuickStart Guide And System Requirements

Now that you understand how the Inspire Digital Signage Desktop Suite works, feel free to learn more about how to setup and use your new digital sigagne system.

Download QuickStart Guide: Inspire Desktop Quick Start Guide 2.0

Download System Requirements: Inspire System Requirements.pdf



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Free 30 day trail. The Inspire Digital Signage Desktop Suite is a touch enabled digital media delivery system. Our system is ideal for use as a digital concierge, digital marketing platform, informational kiosk or interactive wayfinding system.

Inspire Desktop Media Station
Inspire Desktop Media Station 2.0
Inspire Desktop Display
Inspire Desktop Display Version 2.0
Quick Start Guide
Inspire Desktop Quick Start Guide 2.0
System Requirements
Inspire System Requirements.pdf


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