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Introducing the Inspire Touch-IN-Go - Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Introducing The Inspire Touch-IN-Go

It has been proven that finding innovative ways to communicate with your guests and patrons will distinguish your brand and help create customer loyalty.

Interactive digital signage not only provides guests access to your promotions, events and advertisements, but can provide helpful information and added convenience.

In the past, these custom one-off systems have been both expensive and difficult to update resulting in high costs and out of date marketing. Inspire Digital Signage has now released the Inspire Touch-IN-Go. This system addresses the need for a full featured touch enabled system without the hassle of one-off signage systems.  
What is the Inspire Touch-IN-Go?
The Inspire Digital Signage Touch-IN-Go is a computerized; touch enabled digital media delivery system. The Touch-IN-Go is ideal for use as a digital concierge, digital marketing platform, informational kiosk or interactive wayfinding system.
Unlike many one-off systems, the Touch-IN-Go content can be updated anytime using our drop and drag editor. With this system, features that have been reserved for the largest resorts and luxurious boutique hotels are now available at a fraction of the cost. 
• Luxury boutique feel...A fraction of the price.
• Keep content and marketing fresh and up-to-date.
• Promote events at a fraction of the cost of paper or TV ads. 
• Allow guests to interact and select the information that they desire. 
• Attract guests with large format LCD panels.
• Cost effective 24/7 digital concierge.
• Leverage your existing marketing material in a new and unique format.
• Reusable format is ideal for chains or multiple property systems.
• Backed by our around the clock online support and monitoring.

Drop and Drag Editor - no more one-off digital reader board systems, digital media can be customized, updated and even shared in minutes not weeks.
INhouse Events - Integrate your EMS system to show guide guests to their daily event schedules automatically throughout the day.
Weather Forecast - Put local weather forecasts at your guest's fingertips.
INteractive Wayfinding Maps - Help your guests navigate your property. Guide guests to your restaurants and amenities with a custom interactive property map.
INteractive Local Maps - Allow your guests to find local restaurants, events, attractions and points of interest by adding waypoints to your interactive local map. Also allow guests to search the local area for whatever they desire and even print directions.
Local Flight INformation - Allow guests to check status of local flight arrivals, departures.
Custom Applications - Still do not see what you need? Allow us to add a custom app for you. Our custom apps allow you to leverage the drop and drag editor and still get the custom functionality you require. Our artistic team can help make your content come to life.



Real-time flight information provides new revenue opportunity
for hospitality industry
St. Petersburg, FL: April 20, 2010 -- Inspire Digital Signage today released their flight information software add-in to the Inspire Digital Signage Suite, allowing clients to add flight information to any screen controlled by Inspire's digital signage management software. This new solution allows up-to-the-minute flight information to be overlaid atop or alongside existing ads and digital media content featured on wall-mounted displays, guest room TVs or even touch screen applications. 
With thousands of flights delayed each day nationwide, hoteliers and the hospitality industry as a whole are looking to technology to aid guests and seize opportunities to create revenue,” said Inspire Digital Signage CEO and co-founder Tom Westerberg. “ Our flight info add-in to our Digital Signage Suite not only enables clients to provide a much needed service to their customers, but creates an  , easy to implement revenue opportunity as well.”
Inspire Digital Signage’s wide range of products and services are geared towards helping those in the hospitality industry create revenue via low-cost, high impact digital signage. Inspire also offers enterprise signage consulting services, data integration, custom software and/or hardware solutions.
Designed for use in multiple business scenarios, Inspire's flexible architecture, tight industry standards compliance, and enterprise consulting services enable their software and products to be used within the hotel, food/beverage, casino, corporate, religious, airline, and advertising industries.
Follow Inspire Digital Signage to InfoComm 2010! - Saturday, February 27, 2010


InfoComm 2010 — the most forward-looking pro-AV event in the world — you will find everything you need to advance your organization’s information communication goals and propel your business forward.

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Inspire Digital Signage releases Hospitality Signage Suite - Saturday, September 26, 2009


Inspire Digital Signage introduces there new Hospitality Signage Suite. As an add-in for the highly successful Inspire Media Composer and Content Scheduler, this new hospitality suite allows hotels and convention centers to integrate new digital signage technology with existing property management systems. The Hospitality Signage Suite offers many powerful additions for hospitality signage users.

Eventbook and Property Management System Integration – Inspire Digital Signage now offers the ability to read data directly from hotel property management systems and display this data directly to your digital signs. This automatic data integration eliminates the need to manually update and print paper signage. Supported formats include; Delphi, Daylight, Opera, SalesPro, HTNG and event custom file formats.

Directories – Large format LCD or Plasma displays can serve as hotel directories, displaying all of the day’s events and advertisements on one screen throughout the day.

Room Boards – Small format LCD room board can automatically display information for the current occupants of a given room. This eliminates the need to manually update or print paper signage.

Interactive Maps – Interactive 3D maps are a great way to guide your guests throughout your hotel, by leading guests directly to your hotels restaurants and amenities. When combined with directional arrows and room icons, these wayfinding maps become a powerful navigational tool for any hotel or conference center.

Directional Arrows and Room Icons – these navigational tools can be added to an interactive site map to help dynamically lead your guests to their meeting or event. Directional arrows and icons can be combined with event data on the digital signage screen. This not only shows guests the data, time and location of their event, but actually point the way…

Group logos – Many hotels have groups that visit frequently. The Inspire Hospitality Suite allows you to automatically display an individual group’s logo on your digital signage. This adds a custom feel to your hotel’s digital signage in seconds.

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