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Hospital & Heathcare Digital Signage

As hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare centers grow large and more complex, communication and navigation for your visitors, patients and staff becomes more complex as well. A digital signage system helps your patients and visitors find their rooms, facilities and specialty offices. Staff communication is made easier with digital signage by providing information on upcoming events, classes, healthcare related issues, cafeteria menus, hospital maps and wayfinding.

Modernize your healthcare facility or hospital with digital signage by displaying up to the minute news, weather, RSS feeds, healthcare event information, awards, anniversaries and donor recognitions. Our digital signage software provides as an easy means of delivering your healthcare facility’s message to your visitors, patients and staff members.

Common uses for hospital and healthcare signage:

Wall-mounted Digital Signage - Large format LCD and plasma directory displays and smaller LCD room boards can streamline healthcare campus and medical complex navigation. Healthcare digital signage can also inform as well as advertise your visitors, patients and staff.

Pedestal and Kiosk Signage Systems – Freestanding digital pedestal and kiosk signage is an innovative way to enhance the look and feel of your digital signage system. Choose from our standard cabinets or let our craftsman design a custom cabinet to house your digital signage hardware.

Interactive Touchscreens - With a digital touchscreen solution, not only can your visitors, patients and staff view your current events, hospital’s messages and cafeteria menus, but they can also lookup local restaurants, flight information, area maps, local weather and more…

Hospital and Healthcare Complex Maps – Interactive 3D digital maps can help your visitors, patients and staff members navigate your healthcare campus or medical complex. Interactive digital maps can also help your guests, patients and staff members locate meetings, rooms, amenities, cafeterias, shops, and more…

Hospital Campus and Medical Office Navigation - Not only can you display live meeting information automatically, but also incorporate directional images, room icons and medical group logos into your digital map’s content.

Real-time Data Integration - Display meeting and hospital event times on your digital signage automatically using our digital signage data integration. Easily integrate your digital signage with your healthcare meeting room scheduling software.

Emergence Alerts - Keep your employees and guests safe with our emergency notification feature.

Internet Enabled Media - Display live news headlines, scrolling stock information, current weather, up to the minute sports scores, flight information, local maps and more…

Live TV and Video - Broadcast live TV or streaming video conferences throughout the healthcare organization.

Donor Wall Lists – Create a digital donor wall to recognize contributions to your hospital or healthcare facility.

  • Health Care & Hospitals - News & Donor BoardHealth Care & Hospitals - News & Donor Board
  • Wayfinding Map & Event ScheduleWayfinding Map & Event Schedule
  • Heathcare Center Ads, Events & WayfindingHeathcare Center Ads, Events & Wayfinding
  • Digital Concession MenuDigital Concession Menu
  • Virtual Concierge - TouchscreenVirtual Concierge - Touchscreen
  • Virtual Concierge - Local MapVirtual Concierge - Local Map
  • Flight Status InformationFlight Status Information
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