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New Post 4/18/2018 10:49 PM
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Scaling digital signage to 500 screens with limited bandwidth 



our university campus has about 500 screens and we're exploring how we can use rpi3 to stream HD/4k videos that we store on OneDrive. Presently, we've set up xbian on the RPI3 and use an addon to stream HD/4k videos from OneDrive. This may work on a few screens, but to do this over 500 screens would mean a significant load on our internet bandwidth. The network will simply choke.One option we see is that we download the videos on sd card in each RPI and play it offline. But that would still mean downloading it at least once for all the 500 RPIs. We'd like to change the content on a daily basis so this would still eat up a lot of bandwidth every day.The other option is to somehow compress the videos and then decompress it as we stream the video on each RPI. We're noobs when it comes to video compression/de-compression - so if anybody here can guide what it really means and if it is possible to do it on RPIs and how?Any other ways we can scale this to 500 screens?


Please help.


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  Forum  Discussions  Digital Signage...  Scaling digital signage to 500 screens with limited bandwidth
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